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Of the Trial of people of the Church People on the Church estates are judged before their own Metropolitan, or bishop or igumen for every plea. Of Arson If anyone be found who has burnt a house, or a threshing floor, or straw or hay, let the village give up the burner : and if it do not love sex magic tekst i prevod in Or him up, then let that village pay what the burner would have suffered and paid.

If two quarrel let them fight a duel, and no other soldier shall help them.

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The Tsar had evidently found that cases were liable to occur where charters and deeds of gift ran counter to the law as written in the Code. The katuns were the summer huts of the Vlach and Albanian shepherds in the mountains.

The title is not a native word, but a Greek one, borrowed from Byzantium, kefalija, lit.

Love sex magic tekst i prevod in Or

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