Brain sex differences hemispheric specialization of speech in Santa Ana

Notably, we also went on and used other methods for assessing individual laterality. Spontaneous fluctuations in brain activity observed with functional magnetic resonance imaging. After they voluntarily decided to participate, the revised Edinburgh questionnaire was administered to verify their opinions about their handedness.

Figure 2. Hum Brain Mapp. Search articles by 'Mayur Bhat'.

Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. Fresearch17 Dec7: DOI: Results are displayed for the right hemisphere. In this article, Bhat and colleagues aim to characterize the cortical processing of dichotically-presented speech tokens, as reflected by cortical auditory evoked potentials CAEPs.

Brain sex differences hemispheric specialization of speech in Santa Ana

The map of regional evolutionary cortical expansion between an adult macaque and the average human adult PALS-B12 atlas was provided by Van Essen and Dierker and Hill et al. Neuropsychologia 49, — Such differences cannot be explained in terms of mirrored representation because individuals with typical lateralization did not show a reversed pattern.

Degeneracy and cognitive anatomy. Another recent study reported left central electrodes were 8 ms shorter than that of the homologues of the right region Friedrich et al. We also computed the Type I error rate of this correlation using the permutation test.

  • Basic organizations of movement, such as reciprocal innervation, are organized at levels of the central nervous system lower than the cerebral hemispheres—at both the spinal and the brainstem level.
  • It has been hypothesized that language functions are more strongly lateralized to the left hemisphere in males than in females. Previous anatomical data and patient studies have suggested that the posterior language areas should exhibit sex differences.
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In the left cerebellar hemisphere, strongest autonomy was found in regions linked to the FPN and attention networks. For this analysis, the cerebral cortex was first parcellated into seven functional networks using a clustering approach previously described Yeo et al. Hemispheric specialization is spatially correlated with estimated evolutionary cortical expansion To explore whether regions displaying hemispheric specialization are disproportionately expanded in humans compared with nonhuman primates with smaller brains, we directly compared the specialization measured by AI with a map of estimated regional evolutionary expansion derived from the comparison between macaques and humans Van Essen and Dierker, ; Hill et al.

This study investigated the neural underpinnings of atypical lateralization of language in healthy individuals and examined the idea that atypical laterality is a mirror image of the left hemispheric language dominance.

If so, this should be clarified.

Brain sex differences hemispheric specialization of speech in Santa Ana

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